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Alexander Olshansky

Beginnings of Asymmetryka (development self-similarly)


I've always been attracted to acts of God's creation. Over the years, I have come to a conclusion

that the Bible - a collection of very deep and meaningful parables, the meaning of many of them

to us, Homo sapiens, is not always easy to unravel.  The creation of the world did not take six

days and it was not 6,000 years ago that the world was created - natural objects are millions and

billions of years old.   This indicates not that the Book of Genesis is misleading, and that by the

6th day of creation is meant the whole period, and that we indeed are dealing with parables. Why

is it “six days” of creation? It is unclear, because it is still a puzzle.

Especially puzzling is the creation of a man by God. Why is it in His image and likeness? Now

we know that the first man, Adam, could only be created from the genes of God, but not a full

replica, with flaws; otherwise, God would have created his own exact copy. He has created

His asymmetry. For what? So that the man would rule in a world created by God? It's unlikely.

Most likely that he worked in the sweat of his brow. In the name of and for God? Then who is

God? Creator and the Almighty, but who is he? And is he a representative of a highly developed

extraterrestrial civilization that created the product of genetic engineering - a servant of God?

For what purpose? The answer can be found in the Book of Genesis:

"10 River went out of Eden to water heaven, and then divided into four rivers.

11 The name of Fison: it wraps around the whole land of Havilah, where there is gold;

12 and the gold of that land is good: there is bdellium and the onyx stone." Bdellium is most

likely a crystal...

Adam has no name, no wife, and respectively, has no idea of gold, while in the Book of Genesis

it says that "the gold of that land is good." Therefore, the Creator already knows lands, where

the gold is as good. Supporters of paleocontacts here might immediately shoot me! Creator, first

and foremost, obviously wanted the gold. It is now indispensable in complex electronic devices

– its contacts do not oxidize. Now in various places on our planet are mines of gold, age of

which is more than a hundred thousand years. It can be assumed that the servants of God have

been created for the extraction of gold and other rare earth elements needed for an advanced

civilization? We can also assume that this civilization has died and left us, children, literally at

the mercy of fate? After all, back in the sixties of last century scientists have calculated that there

had been a radio-civilization six thousand years ago! But is World Mind immortal? Our mind is

as far away from the World Mind, as say, ants’ is from our own.


So, Adam is God's asymmetry. Eve is Adam's asymmetry. And this is not confirmed by the rib,

but by the analysis of chromosomes. While men have both X and Y, women have only X. Then

the "geeks" which see everywhere the unity and war of contradictions, call them the "opposite

sexes." Funny enough to comment on.

Meticulous geneticists have determined that Adam and Eve could have existed 150, a maximum

200 000 years ago. Therefore, Pithecanthropus, Australopithecus, etc. - may be the ancestors

of pre-Adam civilizations. And that all of humanity today comes from just seven foremothers.

Oxford professor geneticist Bryan Sykes gave them these names: Ursula, Xenia, Tara, Helen,

Catherine, Wald, and Jasmine. The professor even tried to describe their fate, believing that the

other daughters of Eve were killed. Apparently, there were quite a bit... And this is another proof

that we did not evolve from apes and that the theory of evolution with respect to the origin of

man is already a prejudice.

In the days of creation, by the way, the unity and struggle of opposites is not visible. Apparently,

the Creator did not take the exam on dialectical materialism, and did not know that there will

be ever-living and most correct doctrine - Marxism-Leninism. But the tree of good and evil in

the garden has been planted. After all, the serpent tempting Eve, says it all: taste of its fruit,

and become as gods. And when this had happened, the Creator was seriously angry, Adam and

Eve were expelled from the paradise. If the Creator is indeed the representative of an advanced


Once again we are faced with a parable. After the fall, as if the life of the first pair is notorious

unity and struggle of opposites. Their children, Abel and Cain - asymmetry of the parents, but

they are enemies, Cain kills Abel. Then God completely lost one's attraction of people, especially

when the sons of God began to wander the earth with beautiful women - because as a result of

these novels, their descendants have become closer to the position of God? And the creator of

organizing the Flood tells Noah to build an ark and save a pair of every living creature on it. That

is, they say, has created a new civilization. And how many were in our sinful world?


As you know, God in of the first day of creation said, "Let there be light!" What is it? Something

which has a wave nature? Or that we are, roughly speaking, what is called “illumination”? After

all, we know that when the angels appeared to care for people, one was fallen, and his name,

Lucifer, whose name means if translated into Russian - a light bringer. That is to say, "carrying

the knowledge". The devil, Satan's spawn, the enemy of God - and carrying the knowledge?

And what is it? Is not that people, having tasted the forbidden fruit, would be equal to the gods?

Hence, the forbidden fruit - knowledge?

And then remember the many cases where people suddenly began to have wonderful, god-

like supernatural powers as for the slaves. Often after something would happen to them. Girl

Wanga was picked up by a strong wind, and she became a clairvoyant prophetess. But there is

no explanation of Willy Melnikov phenomenon (he knows more than 100 languages), who was

called an agent of Lucifer itself: "I had a concussion and injuries, damage to the left temporal

lobe. And then languages began to come. Some languages ​came sooner, I could not identify

them, and some I can’t still. Later, after three years, I felt an avalanche injection of languages

into me. The "coming" to me of an unknown language was not surprising, because in the left

temporal region are areas of the brain in charge of sign structures. So my clinical death was the

springboard to throw me into the world of languages, which I began to master, and they mastered

me. And then I spotted a biological death as a work day to clean the temple of the protein,

and compared the general cleaning of the house, followed by rearrangement of the furniture.

And then during Prague Congress on biometrics, I met the American psychoneurologists,

Jessica Kreyot, a neuropsychiatrist, an ethnographer, and art knower. She explained to me my

state: “prokanalivanie” (channeling). "You are a victim of post-traumatic channeling," she told

me. By the way, “channeling” is not studied by the Russian science, while an academician

Vernadsky has suggested the possibility of spontaneous channeling, a kind of "gifts" of the

noosphere. A full interview with Willie Melnikov can be read here.

But is the noosphere where the Universal Mind is? Is it the one who gives channeling? Forgive

me for my indiscretion, for my rebellion, but I have had something similar to channeling

happening to me. For example, I was surprised that the "Gospel of Ivan" and my second book

Novels RRR were very easy to write. Noticing this, I even began to restrain myself, told myself

not to hurry. Because I usually write slow and difficult. But here as I sat at the table - again, I

felt a frightening ease, and the text would be written almost immediately without corrections.

I published two volumes, reread it, looking for errors and typos, and suddenly paid attention

to the fact that in the second novel a metaphor arises from the metaphor prior to it, and so on.

But I never thought about this as I had been writing a novel! I called this composition structure,

undoubtedly a gift of Heaven, a cascade of metaphors, since I had the idea of ​a cascade of

rhymes: "Yanka Kupala fell to drinking." Do not rule out the possibility that a cascade of

metaphors has a fractal nature, they grow into one another, as in the theory of fractals by Benoit

Mandelbrot explained by Melnikov.


Knowledge can be different depending on the aim. If in the name of Goodness, it becomes such

thanks to morality and spirituality. Such knowledge is from God. If knowledge is devoid of

moral foundation, it can easily become an instrument of evil. In fact, a formula is devilry.

When a person is born, with his birth he already acquires a huge physical infrastructure, created

by his ancestors, including means of destroying the other person and humanity as a whole.

Paradoxically, however, the desire to protect, to seize territory and the wealth of another

person, to conquer or kill him during the entire history of our civilization has been the strongest

motivation and a driver of a scientific progress. Apparently, in our genetic structure we have

a lot from evolution. Was it not possible for paleogenetics to fertilize artificially females of

large animals, especially monkeys, using human semen? Have not we met people, resembling

a monkey, bear and even a fox? If not, then why do many people not spoiled by civilization

identify with animals? After seven foremothers would tirelessly give birth to God's servants,

wasn’t it easier to put in the mode of humanizing into the genetic reproduction program?

For a human child to become a real man, he needs to get at least some of the wealth of culture

and the foundations of morality, to feel involved in any particular religion or tradition. Moral

and spiritual formation is the most complex and difficult process in people's lives. This is a

fee for the right to be called a man. Thanks to the humanistic, moral and spiritual principles

our civilization has preserved. But the brutal beginning is not asleep - the injustice of today's

world order, fraudulent, speculative world economy, greed of the powerful, the cult of force and

aggressive individualism, deculturization, moral disarmament, and dehumanization that reached

dangerous limits, civilization has come to the possibility of self-destruction.

And what about the Universal Mind? It sends a flying saucer to our troubled planet, studies us

under its microscope, as we do with infusoriums and amebas, and is waiting for the results of our

orgy of madness and devilry? Or is Universal Mind up to something? For instance, it’s possible

that among the people there are representatives of more advanced alien civilizations, who are

here not to conquer us but to save?

It is believed that the average person uses only a few percent of the brain, when outstanding

people, geniuses use one to two percent more. Still, about nine-tenths of the gray matter of the

brain is not used by us. It is as if it was locked in the day of creation, by God. And when we do

use it, it is used in quite a strange way.

How is it possible that humanity has created a great civilization with a grand culture and

scientific and technical potential using only a few percent of the brain potential? And what is

significant: those who reached the true knowledge, have been burned at the stake, thinkers,

witches and warlocks, were destroyed, aspen stakes applied to them, and despite that, humanity

stubbornly, gradually took possession of new knowledge. Humanity neglected a biblical ban

and came to the current avalanche of scientific discoveries, which can be described as a great

physical revolution.


It can be called the great physical revolution because of the abundance of breakthrough

knowledge about the world around us has ever made. The Einstein's theory has been challenged

as the light, it turns out, may have a speed of over 300 kilometers per second. А good friend of mine, the same rebel as me, Peter Sergienko questioned  generally accepted Big Bang Thery proving the energy deficiency for that  mathematically. Sergienko is an original mathematician, one of the authors of  modern harmony mathematics, philosopher who suggested trialectics which eliminates the defect of consisted triad of dialectics.

Peter Sergienko gave the backbone of his theory in his letter to me dated October 22, 2013: «The dialectical study assumes the beginning and the end of opposites development in the following sequence: opposites identity in a certain system (a phenomenon) – birth of the opposites distinctions (inequality, asymmetry, contradictions, antagonism) – the conflict of the opposites before the rise of a new development system with identical opposites. Therefore the previous developmental cycle of the already new system begins (repeats).

Consistent trialectic triad supposes the opposites distinction (harmonious asymmetry) as the main condition for their development, because a harmony is the unity of retention and change (development) of the opposites. Opposites, in the contexts of mathematical principle of harmony, develop peacefully in the triad system in quantitative borders of relations, in which the major refers to the average, as the average to the less».

Recently Peter Sergienko explained mathematically the harmonious development of the opposites principle on the example of the date 21.12.2012 understanding and «cancelled» the end of the world. His article is posted on my website www.aolshanski.ru in the beginning of the home page. Mankind is holding the breath in waiting of the results of experiments at the Large Hadron Collider, which will give us a scientific understanding of the Universe rise – the same as it is written in Genesis.

But I don’t share his opinion that there are the opposites in the harmonious development, because I think that the law of unity and struggle of the opposites is the most long-playing, allegedly philosophical chimera.


One could ask – so where are the promised begining of the asymmetryka? And what do they have to

do with anything written here?

Mankind needs to switch to other civilizational principles, ideally - to harmonious ones. If

you recall the law of the dialectical transformation of quantity into quality, it is very similar to

it. Overcoming one obstacle after another in the way of thinking about physics in our world,

humanity, not suicidal by nature, will eventually learn to use the potential of our gray matter,

equalize itself with the biblical Gods. Humanity will learn how to use gravity, energy of time,

will explore its multidimensionality, and other dimensions of our world, will begin to move in

space with post-lightning speed, finds that black holes - a tunnel to other worlds or something

like that. And these humans of the future, let's call them Homo Florens, i.e. prosperous, powerful

will be quite different, mainly of spirituality and morality that are so thoughtlessly neglected by

those in power today, whose ideas of modernization outside the context of culture.

Knowledge of human flourishing will be channeled despite people like Willie Melnikova, no

matter how much standard test lovers, followers of the Bologna education system, would like to

prevent us from it.

We are at the first step... And how long will take us to take the second step, only the Universal

Mind knows. Our responsibility is to prepare for a grand change as a person and in the human


Civilization has reached its horrid state because of crisis development models. No matter what

the philosophy of the model was determined - idealism or materialism. Or even implanted

without any philosophical foundation - a spear, sword, a bomber, missile, or the desire to

maximize profits, have the power to subordinate his own will as much as possible of God's


And now I'll use my previously written texts in order to avoid a fundamental ambiguity, so I ask

readers to forgive me this replica.

The creator did not know of Marxism-Leninism, since all the errors in memory capacity and the

World of the Mind are not enough, but was keenly aware that the asymmetry takes up the same

general philosophical category as space and time. It is possible that such a category he included

all the information, harmony, and the golden section...

He created a man as the asymmetry of all mankind, he designed it in such a way that it was

unique, not repeating anyone, including his father and mother. It is impossible to assume

ignorance on the part of God in case of reproduction by cloning. To him the Creator could not

have recourse, has amassed an incredible number of poor-quality gene mutations and become

extinct. He used the scheme to ensure its optimal breeding in the two asymmetric to each other

(but not the opposite!) organisms.

Generally people are a storehouse of asymmetry, although we usually think that the hands, feet,

eyes, ears, lungs, kidneys, cerebral hemispheres are symmetrical. No, they are asymmetrical.

Symmetry is the assumption of men. In science and art, in nature it is not assumed. It is

fundamentally impossible to translate into some object or article. Even the exact same electrons

are asymmetric to each other by their orbits. For symmetry is the end of development and death.

Life and any development take place only by methods of asymmetry – it applies as in case of the

whole Universe as with the most elementary quark.


The dialectic theory is one of the most advanced and powerful theories of development, has

sheltered both an idealistic and a materialistic world view. A triumphant conquest of the dialectic

of the mind, as if nothing could stop it. The objections of thinkers that this achievement of

human genius is not unquestioned, muffled a thunder of victory fanfare from the Soviet Union,

where the triumph is the "true" subsistence dialectic materialism. It was invented by historical

materialism, which can be called historical or social Darwinism. This is extremely slim, but

the speculative theory of human development from a primitive society to a communist society

overturned, for example, the religious revolution in Iran. As such, historical materialism is not

supposed to be, but it happened. The collapse of the Soviet Union's historical materialism has

translated into the category of purely historical and archived events. Monumental pillars of

dialectical materialism have been destroyed.

There has been a quantum leap in the consciousness of mankind. Benign or malignant, the

- future generations will understand. In any case, the world became different, in Russia, for

example, came to power, whether criminals-in-law, or oligarchy, which plunged the country into

the wild capitalism of the sample of XVIII century. Civilization began to rapidly deteriorate.

Humanity has proved a dead end on the brink of destruction, and many intellectuals all over the

world, independently of each other, see the transition of humanity to the principles of harmony

as a necessary outcome.

This moment is extremely important. Its essence is in the rejection of crisis development.

Paradoxically, the present human civilization is inhumane. To a large extent, the result of

worldview became different, the host of models for human behavior in animals in nature. The

Creator, say, invented the food chain, so people now have the right to eat each other? They're

at the top of the chain, in the name of all the murders of satiety in the animal world. But people

now do not cannibalize and destroy more "culturally", including the use of lasers or nuclear

weapons. Neither kind of animals destroys the animal of its own species, and a man, this king of

nature, destroys his own kind! Due to the perverted mind, obviously.

The virological evolution theory which holds that heredity largely changes after a virus infection,

since viruses are able to introduce into the genome of organism cell genes in the form of so-

called transposons, ubiquitous genetic elements. In the human genome there are more than 40

percent of genetic elements. Something similar can be said about the human mind and world

view, distorted by the ubiquitous transposons errors.

The origins of many "errors" come from the ancient Greeks, whose philosophers have

seen the world as a unity and struggle of opposites and contradictions. (But these were the

great "delusions", and not the fault of the philosophers of Hellas that they did not have

the achievements of natural sciences of our time). The point of view on the unity, then the

opposition theory, opposites and contradictions improved, complemented and deepened, until it

ended up in the Hegelian dialectic, with its triad of a speculative, and then she allegedly stripped

of idealism, got kind of dialectical materialism. And it ended up in deadlock. The philosophy

of the crisis could not end up not in crisis. After all, even communism, ‘a human dream comes

true’, could not equip itself with the theory of crisis-free existence!


The era of the medieval Renaissance idealized Ancient Greek culture, making it difficult for

a critical attitude to the heritage of antiquity. We have entered the epoch of New Revival, so

it is vitally necessary to carry out an inventory of crucial intellectual and spiritual heritage of

mankind. Not to reform further, since that instead of understanding of the world created by God,

it perverts more and more and moves it away from the Truth.

I do not deny the fight (even though the author sympathizes with the sarcastic statement: "The

camel has two humps, because life is the fight!"), the opposites, and contradictions. They exist

objectively, but are not existent to all phenomena in the sublunary world, only to those in crisis.

Not the ancient philosophers have been wrong, but their followers, who thought the struggle

and the unity of opposites is universal. If you think about it carefully, the development may

be crisis-based and crisis-free. The crisis in turn can be divided into catastrophic (natural and

environmental tragedy, war and revolution) and compromising, the ones in which Homo sapiens

finds ways to prevent conflicts from escalating to the stage of disaster. Crisis-free development

can be in turn divided into conflict-free and harmonious. In the first case Homo sapiens do not

allow the conflict, therefore, crises, hence the harmonious development is the development,

where conflicts and contradictions can not arise at all. It is the harmonious development that

dominates asymmetry. These considerations are desirable to confirm or deny, but the problem is

that the harmonious civilization is in need of a comprehensive theory of development.

A lot of work needs to be done to get rid the mind of mankind of transposon errors and its

humanization, getting rid of our debt to the animal world. Unfortunately, we have borrowed from

the animal world not the best qualities. While they are self-restraining, that quality in people,

unfortunately, is very rare. Lack of self-restraint has been the cause of many crises.

Now, figuratively speaking, each branch of humanity has its own trade union developmental

theory. When we need a new, general philosophical theory of development. Not for the next

upgrade, but to understand the difference between the nature of the crisis and the harmonic.

There are very few theories of crisis-free development, except for the trialectics of P. Sergienko.

The author does not exclude the possibility that there have been attempts to create a crisis-

free development of philosophical theories, but they are suppressed and ignored by the media,

this "very free" agent in a society of boundless consumption.

But asymmetry isn’t a panacea, it is an ideal with the disadvantages of each ideal. The asymmetry has a critical, negative underside, the origins of it are in an imbalance of the state of objective and subjective participants of any development, including the human Intelligence. Recovery of a science crisis in general and crisis of economic science in particular, according to A.I. Subetto, is associated with the overcoming such asymmetries as an Information-intelligent-energy Asymmetry of the human intelligence, Global intelligent black hole, the technocratic asymmetry of the human Intelligence and science.


The asymmetric nature of the harmonious development in living nature has clearly confirmed Boris Rozin by his discovery of the cell F-fission. The essence of it is that the embryo cell divides into two cells, but one of them “lose” the following division cycle, and the second divides immediately. Is this “lose” a proof of an application of targeted genetic engineering by Creator? At the next stage the cell “simulator” divides into two, they also in turn divide into two. This is the process of living forms evolution based on the principle of golden section.

Describing the cell division in his article «Golden section is a morphological law of nature» Boris Rozin

(http://www.trinitas.ru/rus/doc/0232/012a/02322019.htm) suddenly, as in a fear not be understood or condemned, begins to combine F-fission and dialectic, trying to find some contradictions and opposites. But in this case we deal not with the dialectical crisis process, dependent on notorious Hegel’s triad, but with harmonious non-crisis phenomenon. The «asymmetry» of the opposites is not in the basis of it, but asymmetry of identity, i.e. the self-similarly development. In other words – that is what the author of this essay means broadly under asymmetry: asymmetric harmonious self-similar development.

Our life is full of contradictions, but it’s hard to find the dialectical contradictions...


For humanity’s understanding and worldview it is extremely important to understand the

laws and the laws of the asymmetry, since they are a key for harmonious development. The

asymmetry does not accept and does not create contradictions and opposites; therefore, there

is no need to confront problems violently or aggressively. Asymmetry is the condition and the

method of creating a harmonious society and harmonious civilization. At first glance, it might

seem that this is just a type of evolution, almost its new substance, but according to Darwinism

changes in heredity in living organisms are brought about by critical circumstances.

Asymmetryka is not intended to refute the dialectic, but to supplement it. Dialectics, in principle,

should not be used to create the theory of crisis-free development and provide crisis-free and

harmonious human activity. Even in the development of a harmonious society there always

are crises that would have allowed such a society. At present our civilization predominantly

consists of crisis, where the elements of harmonium are rare and exclusive. The civilization of

the future - not absolutely but is mostly harmonious, in which all remnants of civilization will

be an exception. One can hardly assume that the dialectic itself does not undergo major changes

under the influence of theories and methods of crisis-free development.

Neither theory nor a belief system does not have the quality of Absolute truth, which, as is

commonly assumed by many, has the only God, Creator, Universal Mind... Homo sapiens are

doomed by relative truths, many of which eventually are not truths but misconceptions.

We, the people of Russia, think that our country is sick. But the whole civilization is sick, and

for a long time, from its very beginning. To the full extent the inconsistency from all points of

view and a fatal threat to the current model of civilization of mankind was demonstrated by

the latest so-called financial crisis, the sharpest since the Great Depression. Where in fact it is

a global crisis of the modern world. Announced shortly before by Francis Fukuyama, "End of

History" should have been the apologetics of modern capitalism, which fell down in a deafening


The uneven industrial and technological development, unregulated consumption, the depletion

of raw materials and food resources, leads the mankind to further instability, wars for resources,

clean water, living space. It is no accident that around the globe many thinking people,

independently of each other, came to the conclusion that mankind can be saved only through

the transition to the principles of harmonious civilization. An outstanding modern scientist, A.P.

Stakhov has summed up the experience of mathematicians and philosophers since the ancient

times to the present day, and in fact, has laid the foundations of Harmony Mathematics. Along

with him P.Y. Sergienko and a number of other talented mathematicians. You can find dozens

of papers, articles, books, the adherents of harmony. The achievements are impressive, calling

for a new, modern philosophy of harmony, for a systematic exposition of scientific principles of

harmonism. We need a new common view of the world, the laws of its development, the state of

civilization, at oneself, at a man. We need to reassess the ethical clearance from the wicked and

inharmonious false values, spiritless conduct; the aesthetics as the theory and artistic practice

needs to get to a new level. The world is ripe for a critical inventory of the intellectual economy

of humanity and a fundamental modernization of its outlook.


It is necessary to comprehend the lessons of the last attempt of a revolution at the level

of civilization – the communist one. Not with the ideological positions of the cave anti-

communism, but rather with scientific objectivity and responsibility. Harmony philosophy

can not do without the study of the general theory of communism and the harmonic theory of

civilization, as well as without the understanding and explaining of the fundamental difference

between them. Harmony is not a new edition of communism, either theoretically or practically.

It’s not another bright future that is supposed to bring a golden dream of humanity, where one

wakes up in an earthly paradise. Marxists did promise it, but promises turned out to be wishful

thinking on the road not in heaven.

Harmonism is the philosophy of the salvation of a mankind through new ethical standards. Social

justice, a decent human life and happiness – these are the goals of the harmonic civilization.

But the most urgent problem of a harmonic movement is to do everything possible to minimize

the maximum damage to the human race in the event of an environmental catastrophe, which

might also arise as a result of global warming on the planet. Disharmonious outlook will lead

to a disaster if hundreds of millions of people will rush to escape from the ocean entering other

territories. Wars will begin with the use of thermonuclear weapons. That’s how the previous

civilizations on our planet have, apparently, ended their life.

The global "economic" crisis has proved that this capitalism with its alleged market economy,

society, insatiable consumption, the pursuit of profit, desire of ultracomfort to the detriment of

the social optimum and environmental safety is leading mankind to destruction. Marxists hated

capitalism and viewed revolution as the only way to get rid of it. Ironically, such a revolution

took place in Russia, which Marx and Engels very much disliked. It must be the reason why the

Marxists saw Russia as a bundle of firewood, which was not sorry to foment world revolution.

Naturally, around the world, such ideas have caused a reaction among the private property

holders. Mankind was doomed to split the opposition, ideological struggle, military conflicts and

the global Cold War.

Communism was defeated not because capitalism was able to concentrate on the fight with vast

resources. Not because of the betrayal of Gorbachev and the Soviet people loosing the prospect

of “a bright future”. Marxist-Leninist сommunism was flawed and not viable per se. Marxists

words that "the philosophers have only interpreted the world in different ways, but the point is

to change it" in the GDR are written Humboldt University of Berlin, while these words should

have been written on the homes of the insane. Changing the world without explaining it, led to

the suffering and plight of millions of people. There has been a myriad of various reconstructors,

I have written about one of them, a servant of Evil, in my novels «RRR». All kinds of reformers

the author treats with great suspicion on the basis that they all strive to change the world, i.e. to

change the creation of the Creator. As a rule, without explanation.

The sacred word for the Bolsheviks, the fighters of Marxism-Leninism, became "struggle." "Life

is a struggle" was the consciousness of a giant hammer propaganda machine. We had to

fight the remnants of the past, with the so-called parasitic classes for collectivization and

industrialization, corn, etc. and so, finally, with itself. If you start to fight against yourself, you

are forced to respond well to fight. Indiscriminate taste for the fight is a phenomenon of a clearly

psychopathological sense, schizophrenia or paranoia. But the passion had a solid philosophical

foundation! Starting with Heraclitus, his unity and struggle of opposites, up until Hegel with

his dialectic triad, three laws of dialectical materialism, which have been cleared of Hegelian

idealism by Engels. The ancient philosophers naively thought that day and night, cold and

hot, black and white are the opposites. Their followers came up with the followers of opposite

theories and contradictions in great abundance. Someone saw the contrast between men and

women. Marxism has gone further - he came up with a misanthropic theory of class struggle, not

waiting until, in accordance with the law of transition from quantity to quality of the capitalist to

the socialist, and called for a bloody revolution.


The struggle, opposition, conflict, aggression, hatred, etc. are all opposites of the

word "harmony." Wherever they are - the crisis caused by disharmony, there can be no harmony.

Dialectic and its laws are not general categories. The few thinkers doubted it. Karl Popper

in his paper "What is dialectic?" refuted the dialectical laws, and advised never to use

the term "dialectic." Dialectical materialism, in its opinion, the Soviet Union turned into

a "reinforced concrete dogmatism." Bertrand Russell foresaw the sad demise of the Soviet

Union, while he warned that "the doctrine of dialectical development and achieving the ultimate

goals are incompatible in some way" about the “Wisdom of the West”.

Modern intellectuals must avoid making mistakes made by Marxists, but also by Western

colleagues. The pledge of this is not to solve the new problems of the old approaches that of

the old truths have become prejudices. A similar metamorphosis awaits all so-called scientific


The theory of harmony, by definition, denies all the manifestations of crisis. It was vital to the

harmonious development of the new theory. Theories of crisis-free economic development,

starting with the cycles of N. D. Kondrateva, are vast. But all of this needs a common,

philosophical theory. It is unlikely that this will be a unified theory, for example, trialectics of

P. Sergienko, or a very eclectic and speculative tetrasociology of L. Semashko, or asymmetryka,

which is not an established theory yet, but only a guess. It is possible and even desirable that this

diversity has been an integrated unity of purpose.

Crisis and harmony have always co-existed. It is one thing to resolve crises using crisis tools,

and quite another using harmonic ones. It’s necessary to promote the theory of the crisis of

civilization to civilization harmonious. This is the ideal, therefore it’s is unattainable, and an

attempt to reach it is more important.

Only those young enthusiasts whose mind is free from the "truths" of dialectical materialism,

the market economy Anglo-Saxon views, consumer society, etc., for whom the "materialism"

and "idealism" – similar concepts, only they have the strength to create the perfect harmony


There is also a pre-condition for this. We are on the eve of the event, which will send the same

basic question of philosophy that comes first - matter or consciousness, to the dustbin of history.

Back in the sixties of last century, Peter Higgs predicted the existence of bosons, called the

Higgs boson - the elementary particles that make up the field, from almost no matter. They

were called divine particles. In the American Tevatron accelerator first results, but it stopped

financing, and the Large Hadron Collider, which continued the experiments for the detection of

particles of the divine, suddenly sounded a melody - a kind of symphony in honor of the pre-

Creator of Harmony.

Strikingly, however, independently of each other, with a break in decades, A.P. Stakhov (he is

a forerunner) and the author of these lines came to the conclusion that the asymmetry produces

harmony. The world is ripe for an explanation.

P.S. The date of July 6, 2012 is certainly an important date in our history. On this day, it was

reported that the existence of the Higgs boson is confirmed by experiments at the Large Hadron

Collider. Humanity has yet to realize this grand scientific achievement, radically altering not

only the physical representation of a world in which we live. Then will the findings, especially

the fundamental - the philosophical, for them to start a new era of world view, the formation of

updated ethical and other standards.


With a regard to pre-Harmony founder of the world, the Large Hadron Collider is sought

to answer the question: why, after the so-called Big Bang, when matter and antimatter were

destroyed by one, i.e. annihilated, left, believed to be one-billionth of a substance from which

they formed the universe. In other words, the matter was asymmetrically larger than antimatter.

Consequently, in an act of universal creation on the principle of asymmetry, the asymmetry is

truly peacemaking. And so, the asymmetry, as discussed above, gives rise to harmony.



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